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Colombia El Vergel - Decaf - Sugar Cane (E.A.) - In Sleeve (12oz, whole beans specialty coffee, Q 84.75)

Colombia El Vergel - Decaf - Sugar Cane (E.A.) - In Sleeve (12oz, whole beans specialty coffee, Q 84.75)

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Best for: Filter, Moka pot, Espresso

Decaf never tasted so good! This one boasts rich dark chocolate, warm cinnamon, and smooth vanilla notes - like a freshly baked shortbread cookie in a cup. Satisfy your cravings any time of day with this delicious and comforting coffee.

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Process: Decaf - Sugar Cane (E.A.)

Roast: Specialty (medium)

Q-Grader Score: 84.75

Tasting notes: dark chocolate, cinnamon vanilla, shortbread

Origin: Colombia

Altitude: 1,920 m.a.s.l. (6,299 ft)

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About the farm:

Experience the rich history and flavor of Colombia with El Vergel coffee. Nestled in the heart of Tolima, this iconic plantation has been expertly tended by the Montenegro family for generations. Led by Marta Montenegro and her sons Elias and Shady Baiter, El Vergel spans over 100 hectares of diverse and carefully cultivated coffee varieties.

But at El Vergel, it's not just about the beans - it's about the process. Known for their wild and vibrant fermentation techniques, this decaffeinated blend is a special selection, chosen for its pure and balanced flavor. With a focus on preserving the natural flavors of the terroir through low-pressure, low-temperature processing, El Vergel coffee is a truly unique and delicious choice. Savor the sweet and vibrant taste, caffeine-free. Choose El Vergel for a one-of-a-kind coffee experience.


The bag: The Film used in the bags is earth-friendly. It is made mostly from renewable wood pulp. The wood pulp portion is biodegradable. It takes just 84 days to get a healthy compost in a backyard, home composting environment. The remaining material (Polyethylene (PE)) is designed to make it disintegrate significantly faster than standard plastic.